Great Savings To Be Had For Off Peak Hires

One of the common misconceptions with hiring a caravan for a holiday in Australia is the best way in which to save money.

Many people think that the best way to save is to hire a van for the shortest possible timeframe but in the most popular times of the year, ie when you might want to go away most. Popular times are around Christmas and New Year and long weekends for public holidays.

However, the smartest way to save money, is actually to hire a van in off peak times. Hire rates in off peak times are always less per day/week than peak times, but the real power comes when you seek longer hires in off peak times. This is often when you can get the biggest saving. This is because off peak times are generally the most quiet hire times for caravan hire companies. So if you discuss a long hire in this period, you’re in a great position to get the biggest daily savings.

To compare peak and off peak rates and to see what sort of deal you might be able to get with a long hire in an off peak period, call us today to discuss:

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