Tasmanian Caravan Hire

Caravan hire Tasmania provides the easiest of setting off points to enjoy so much of the unique locations, stunning ecology, and amazing vistas that our unique island has to offer.

Tasmanian Caravan Hire provides the easiest of setting off points to enjoy so much of the unique locations, stunning ecology, and amazing vistas that our unique island has to offer.

There might be just the two of you, ready to enjoy a private experience in the wild beauty of Tassie. Or you might be journeying as a party of up to six, ready to throw yourselves into so many unforgettable adventures.

Tasmanian Caravan Hire choices are truly cost effective, offering affordable quality, allowing you to make full use of a top calibre caravan for just as long as you want to. So, take some time to investigate the stunning layouts, super inclusions - with the chance to add on some specific extras - and start to imagine how great your break will be!

Quality Tourism Accredited Business

Tasmanian Caravan Hire is a leading Australian tourism operator. We’ve met specific criteria ensuring we are committed to exceeding your expectations with great customer service and the highest standards of business practice including:

  • Quality
  • Reliability
  • Professional customer service
  • Accuracy in advertising
  • Sound environmental practices
  • An appropriately licenced and qualified operator
  • Adherence to a Code of Ethics

Why Tasmanian Caravan Hire?

When you hire a late model caravan from us, you get all the latest technology, quality fixtures and a whole lot more. Each caravan comes with loads of features, including cooking and eating accessories, a microwave, and a roll out awning, and there’s lots of optional add on kits to customise your adventure. We provide you with comprehensive insurance for complete peace of mind, as well as personal phone support should you need it. All our caravans are serviced professionally and undergo regular safety checks. For your next caravan hire go with the people who know caravans.

Caravans Fully Insured

You can rest easy when you hire a caravan from us. All our caravans are comprehensively insured. That means you are protected, should you have an accident. Terms & Conditions apply.

Professional Support

Never hired a caravan before or unsure? We provide all the information you need to set up your van. We also provide phone support to help if there is a problem while you are travelling.

Commercially Clean

All our caravans are cleaned professionally and are maintained to a high standard. We never rent caravans that are old or damaged. All our caravans are airconditioned and have the convenience of on-board toilets.

Lots of Extras. No Hidden Costs

We have a choice of add on kits to customise your experience. Take the bikes safely on a bike rack, enjoy the outdoors with our BBQ pack and camp chairs, a few simple extras to add to the enjoyment of your trip, but no hidden extra costs or service fees.

Tasmanian Caravan Hire

Residents and visitors alike, have found Tasmanian Caravan Hire to be a truly cost-effective break or vacation choice. There is no huge financial layout compared to purchasing a vehicle. There is no on-going and constant drain on your finances for insurance,regular service, maintenance or storage; often for infrequent use.

Our Tasmanian Caravan Hire professionals ensure that our choice of Caravans are fully insured, always both commercially cleaned and fully maintained. This is backed up with our wealth of experience in providing an overview and assisting you to set up your caravan rental choice just as you want it. If you run into any problems while on the road, we’re always just a phone call away.

When you choose a caravan from us as the basis of your time spent enjoying our magical island, we know you’ll instantly approve of our superb choices. Each offers air conditioning, shower and toilet facilities as standard – and so much more. We’re proudly a Tasmanian owned and operated family business, and understand how important time away from normal daily life can be. We are 100% committed to ensuring your time spent exploring Tasmania becomes everything you would ever want it to be!